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Grow with us!

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Our Mission

We would like to warmly welcome every guest that walks through our door. We create a safe space for guests to relax and enjoy some self-care while escaping from the day-to-day routine. As salon professionals we are dedicated to staying current on the latest trends, color technology and beauty products so we can educate our guests on how to achieve the look they want at home daily. Our goal is to be attentive to the needs of our guests and to create the best look on a beauty budget that is right for them. Most importantly, always having fun while doing it.

Our Culture

At Altered Ego Salon, we embrace individuality. We encourage all of our team to be their truest selves and to be in touch with their "ego". Through being connected to the most authentic version of ourselves, we can inspire others to do the same and embrace their ego and shine. We thrive on making our guests feel at home in our salon and at home in themselves. 

What We Offer

Our Associate Program is a a valuable resource for any person looking to enter the industry with a strong foundation for success. As an associate, you will work hands-on alongside our most experienced stylists, learning all the in's and out's of being behind the chair. You will learn how to build a prosperous career path while perfecting your craft and gathering valuable industry knowledge.

If you are interested in coming in to see what we're all about, please call us at (480) 831-1910 to schedule a shadow day.

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